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seedleaf2Seedleaf is a small nonprofit. They have a staff of two and an AmeriCorps VISTA member. Seedlead operates ten community gardens and five market gardens. They offer weekly cooking events for area youth, and monthly cooking events for adults (Soups On). They are putting forth small, applicable solutions to global problems.

Unfortunately, if Seedleaf ceased to exist, it is likely that much of Lexington would not notice. As one board member puts it, we are too small to fail. The difference we aim to make is likely to take the next 40 years. While they have what we think are impressive metrics on the number of area youth we are reaching, and the number of volunteers we are engaging, the deepest part of our work has to do with building relationships, and helping people change their diets and activities over the course of a number of years. SeedleafOutreach075coldstreamIt took our society quite some time to get into this mess; barring some calamity, it is likely to take us that much time to get back to a more healthy way of living on our earth. If Seedleaf ceased to be, it would represent a missed opportunity for communities in Lexington to move toward that healthy life.

However, we also think that on the day that Seedleaf concluded they work, or ceased to be funded to do their mission, many participants and volunteers who have partnered with them in this work would carry their positive impressions from their programming to other fertile soils.

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These seeds would move out from our realm of influence and bear fruit that cannot be anticipated. This is the hopefulness of the garden: even from death all is not lost, and something good can come in its proper season.

For more information, please visit their website at:http://www.seedleaf.org/

Nonprofits & Nutrition

Our seventh episode, “Kentucky Nonprofits & Nutrition” hosted by Brian Simmons, features segments on Moveable Feast’s food delivery service and Faith Feeds glean Kentucky program. We’ll visit Seedleaf Farms and learn how they are nourishing our communities and take a look at the Bluegrass Domestic Violence Farm Program. Hosted from a “live kitchen” featuring Simply Nutritious by Kate, this will be an appetite pleasing program not to be missed!  

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