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Formed to rehabilitate injured raptors, raise orphaned birds of prey, and increase public awareness about the importance of raptors, Raptor Rehab’s work was started in the 1980’s by a group of dedicated volunteers.

Shelby and Sophie at Program

RROKI became incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 1990. They are an all volunteer group dedicated to the rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned birds of prey & rely solely on the dedication of volunteers and the generosity of our supporters. 


For more information on the RROKI please visit: http://www.raptorrehab.org

Nonprofits & Animals Part I

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In order to motivate people to find their passion for helping, kNowMore Nonprofits provides current, informative and educational overviews of impactful nonprofits located throughout Kentucky, recognizing that without these nonprofits the health and stability of our communities would be at risk.

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