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support kentucky nonprofits

Support Kentucky Nonprofits.

It’s that time of year again, we’re planning for this year’s round of nonprofits to be featured in our 4-Time EMMY nominated series.

Last year we learned a lot covering nonprofits helping with disabilities and preserving history. This year we’re looking at nonprofits working to provide dental health, help veterans and help animals. That’s at least THREE NEW SHOWS for 2017! If you know of an organization in one of these categories, PLEASE NOMINATE THEM! If you work for an organization like this, NOMINATE YOURSELF!

It’s an easy thing to do on our website and only takes a couple of minutes. We’ll get in touch with each agency to discuss the possibility of featuring them on the show which will air many times throughout the state on several stations including KET. What’s even better, featured agencies will receive a copy of their segment to use for promotion, grants, fundraising, etc.

DO YOUR PART- help a nonprofit by letting us know why they should be featured!

Get involved today 888.528.1999 www.knowmorenonprofits.com

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AIRING @ 1:30PM on KETKY: Nonprofits & History

May 2016

Our newest episode, Nonprofits and History features three nonprofits supporting Kentucky’s past for the betterment of the future. In our first story we’ll take you on a tour of the Bill Monroe Birthplace, followed by the Behringer Crawford Museum, and concluding with Ashland, the Henry Clay homestead.

Known as the birthplace of Bluegrass Music, people from all 50 states and many foreign countries have come to hear the heartbeat of Kentucky. Learn what would happen without the preservation of this nonprofit, providing a musical history to future generations. Learn more about Bill Monroe, and what the state would be like without him.

The Behringer Crawford Museum houses the unique artifacts you won’t find in other places. Learn about the prehistoric Indians and ice age animals that congregated in Northern Kentucky; check out the world’s tiniest dog or a genuine shrunken head! This museum holds the artifacts that tell the story of Northern Kentucky’s settlement and development. A new attraction is the addition of the children’s nature playground. Explore the sandpit of archaeology to the ziplines that fly through history.

Ashland preserves the legacy of Henry Clay and his mansion with all of its contents. Learn how Clay became known as the great compromiser, witness reenactments of the time, and discover the early roots of Lexington, KY.

Where would we be without our history?

Tune in and spread the word! Gain insight into where we’ve been and where we might go.

Remember, you can watch past episodes of kNOwMORE almost any day of the week, either on KETKY every Tuesday at 1:30pm est or one of our statewide partner stations in your community.



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We have corporate sponsor and underwriting opportunities available. Put your organization’s name on a great cause that is seen state-wide. If your organization has a passion for any of the above topics, or you know of a corporation that supports causes and charities dedicated to these areas of importance, please have them contact us so that we may share these pportunities.

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