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The-Gathering~~element53Mission, history of organization:
The mission of RAPHA Ministries is to honor and glorify God by providing quality medical care to uninsured individuals in Clark County, while also ministering to their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Problem being addressed:
Clark County, like every county in Kentucky, has far too many individuals who are medically uninsured.  As a result, many persons residing in Clark County live less than optimal lives due to untreated illnesses and diseases.  Many are unable to secure employment or have satisfying social relationships simply because of the limitations that physical/emotional symptomatology creates in their lives.Services~~element48 Rapha Ministries plays a vital role in ensuring that all Clark County citizens have access to primary healthcare; therefore, allowing all Clark County individuals the opportunity to improve their health status.

Rapha currently has three employed staff, including a part-time Physician’s Assistant.  In addition, they have four volunteer physicians including volunteer nurses, and administrative personnel. Rapha Ministries serves as a primary care provider for approximately 250 patients.

Rapha provides laboratory and pharmaceutical assistance, while overseeing radiology, physical therapy, and specialist physician referrals.  How-to-Make-an-Appointment~~element55There is a continuous stream of new patients while many of our other patients “graduate” from Rapha due to qualifying for disability benefits, being eligible for Medicare, or acquiring private health insurance.  Without a doubt, Rapha Ministries plays an integral role in the health status of Clark County’s citizenry.


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