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March Madness Marching Band

Mission, History of Organization:

march madness marching bandMMMB is an all-volunteer, community-building organization that brings joyous creative arts to charity events and public festivals. Our mixture of professional artists, dedicated amateurs and spirited children has entertained crowds throughout the state, and annually at a nonprofit street band festival in Austin, TX. MMMB welcomes performers of all ages and skill levels to attend weekly rehearsals.

Formed to represent Local First Lexington (LFL) in Lexington’s 2008 downtown Christmas Parade, MMMB has earned a wealth of parade awards, community pride, ear-to-ear grins, and statewide praise. In 2012, MMMB also earned federal tax exempt status, under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Problem being addressed:

A symphony of mismatched musical instruments, a kaleidoscope of inspired costumes, a choreographed gaggle of hoop dancers, an array of unconventional dancers and spinners. Each band member brings a piece of authentic Lexington, and together we create a delicious concoction from quirky ingredients. MMMB embodies a moving metaphor for the diverse talents of our Central Kentucky neighbors. Also? We’re really, really good.

MMMB provides unique arts access to both performers and audiences. We enliven events that are open to the public, and deliberately blur the line between art and audience. We encourage spectators of all ages and skill levels to join our open practices and our public performances.Band Member

At weekly rehearsals, professional arts educators provide no-cost instruction to band members. We also provide both musicians and dancers with tools for at-home practice. Most members of MMMB do not have other outlets for creative expression, or other ways to support the charities for which we perform.

For more information, please visit their website at:  www.m‐m‐m‐b.org

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