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Hidden Highways

The River Discovery Center is a private, non-profit, educational institution whose primary mission is to stimulate an interest in and teach the public about the importance of America’s rivers to the development of the nation, and in particular upon the Four Rivers Region.

For twenty years, a group of people from Paducah realized and filled a need for a river/maritime museum. The River Discovery Center has used a variety of exhibits, including some interactive, to highlight and educate people on the importance of Paducah’s rich river history as well as the river industry.

Simulator 1

It is critical that the next generation of our community be educated on the importance of our rivers. While providing a water source for our region, our rivers also play a vital role in our environment and economy; after all, Paducah’s existence gives thanks to it’s geographical location on a river. Before the River Discovery Center opened, there was no place for our children to become “connected” to our rivers. Here, they have a place for fun learning about all aspects of our rivers.

For more information on the River Discovery Center please visit: http://riverdiscoverycenter.org

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