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Kentucky Nonprofits Housing Help

PREMIERING 2/16 @ 1:30pm on KETKY. We’ve got a good one coming your way this month! The 15th installment of our Emmy nominated educational television series features nonprofits helping to provide housing for Kentuckians, whether that be permenant or temporary.

We’ll be visiting the following agencies in and around the Bluegrass area to learn more about how they are helping an how YOU can get involved in some pretty fun and very worthy projects; Habitat for Humanity, Ronald McDonald House, Hope Lodge and the Urban League of Lexington all have unique stories to tell. You’ll not want to miss this 30 minute mini-documentary full of information you never knew about, but very likely, wish you had. TUNE IN this month!

Remember, you can watch past episodes of kNOwMORE on KETKY every Tuesday at 1:30pm est and Thursday at 7:00pm est.


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To NOMINATE a specific nonprofit organization to be featured within one of our television broadcasts, fill out the form here.

Any type of organization is eligible. Upcoming themes may include: Nonprofits & Disabilities; Nonprofits & Art, Nonprofits & History, Nonprofits & Technology, Nonprofits & Start-ups

Applicant organization must be a registered 501(c)(3) organization. Applicant organization must be located and operating in Kentucky. Agency should be able to help secure a sponsor(s) for their segment.

We are looking to feature nonprofits that show:

Innovation – the organization is continually searching for new ways, solutions, and unconventional forms of work; adapting to the changing environment; and suggesting new ways of solving problems.

Measurable – a program or method that has had a demonstrated and measurable impact on the organization’s constituency.

Perpetuation –a well‐developed plan for continued sustainability of the program or method.

Kyle Lake

Executive Producer


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quote of the month“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”
-Viktor Frankl

diss qr tagPlease Help Us Continue Educating our Communities in 2016.

We have corporate sponsor and underwriting opportunities available. Put your organization’s name on a great cause that is seen state-wide. If your organization has a passion for any of the above topics, or you know of a corporation that supports causes and charities dedicated to these areas of importance, please have them contact us so that we may share these opportunities.

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