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Can You Name 5 Nonprofits That Work with Food?

NONPROFITS & NUTRITION: Our seventh episode, “Kentucky Nonprofits & Nutrition” hosted by Brian Simmons, features segments on Moveable Feast’s food delivery service and Faith Feeds glean Kentucky program. We’ll visit Seedleaf Farms and learn how they are nourishing our communities and take a look at the Bluegrass Domestic Violence Farm Program. Hosted from a “live kitchen” featuring Simply Nutritious by Kate, this will be an appetite pleasing program not to be missed!

In order to motivate people to find their passion for helping, kNOwMore Nonprofits provides current, informative and educational overviews of impactful nonprofits located throughout Kentucky, recognizing that without these nonprofits the health and stability of our communities would be at risk.
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The Bread Box Development
originalThe Bread Box Development (the building where we’re located) is full of great tenants and has a lot of community energy already invested in it. Plus, the neighborhood has a wealth of human capital both in long-term residents and new players of rising businesses along with Transylvania University and BCTC. Given that, it seems an overstatement to say that FoodChain’s absence would mean an end to the critical work needed in reconnecting people to their food. However, they are certain that should their efforts cease, the progress would come along much much slower and would never reach the impact that FoodChain hopes to inspire.

original1Part of FoodChain’s innovation is its willingness to tackle a very complex set of circumstances with sustainable solutions. Without our work, only the direst problems, such as extreme hunger or homelessness would be addressed, mostly through temporary “band-aid” type solutions like food from food pantries or housing in emergency shelters. People in their community would still continue to remain detached from their food, making unhealthy food choices with their meager supplies. Furthermore, we as a population would continue to slip further down the road to diet-related illnesses and joblessness. Obviously, the status quo will not continue to serve us, and thus we need working models of innovative solutions like FoodChain provides to inspire new thinking and radical change, not just for their immediate neighbors, but for communities around their state and the country struggle with identical circumstances.

young-foodchainFor more information on Food Chain Lexington or The Bread Box Development, please visit their website at: http://www.foodchainlex.org/