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Nonprofits and The Community Part II

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The third show in the series hosted by Brian Simmons features studio guests Lyle Hanna of Hanna Resource Group who will speak about the Bluegrass Community Connector Project, which will identify 100 key individuals in Central Kentucky, who naturally increase communication and cooperation across city limits and county lines. Kris Kimel with Kentucky Space will discuss this educational nonprofit enterprise that actually designs and launches satellites into space from Kentucky! On-Location stories include the Mountain Association for Community Economic Development’s (MACED) project to combat predatory lending in Berea and Eastern Kentucky.

Kris Kimel of Kentucky Space is President and a founder of the Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation, a non-profit company with an international reputation for designing and implementing innovative and broad-scale initiatives and programs. Over the 20 year life of KSTC dozens of initiatives have been funded by diverse supporters representing corporations, private foundations, and local, state and federal governments.

Kris is widely recognized as an expert in the field of science and technology policy, programs and entrepreneurship having presented on these topics at numerous national and international conferences in addition to being the founder of the international IdeaFestival. Some would say his head is above the clouds hence his role as a leader behind the vision and implementation of Kentucky Space LLC, a new nonprofit enterprise focused on R&D, education and entrepreneurial space solutions. To watch segment click here.


Throughout his professional career, Lyle Hanna has provided cogent Human Resource advice to hundreds of organizations and has managed aspects of the Human Resource function on five (5) continents. In fact, in 2005, the “Lyle Hanna Spirit Award” was established to recognize other volunteers who give mightily of their time and talent to the human resource profession. No stranger to nonprofit causes, Lyle is a past Chair of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and has been intimately involved in the expansion of Habitat for Humanity into over 90 countries around the globe and was featured in Fortune magazine for his success at balancing his role with Habitat and his professional career.  He is a Founding Director of The Board Authority (TBA), a not-for-profit organization designed to provide education and support to individuals aspiring to serve on local, regional, or national level boards. To watch segment click here.

For more information on Bluegrass Community Connectors please visit: http://www.bgconnectors.com

The Mountain Association for Community Economic Development ran a demonstration project to test out a way to combat predatory payday lending by providing access to small loans and savings accounts.
The pilot program ran for several years before ending in 2009. MACED made 410 loans totaling over $130,000, generating savings accounts of over $66,000.
MACED continues to be involved in the issue as a member of the Kentucky Coalition for Responsible Lending. The Coalition is working to pass legislation to cap the annual interest rate on payday loans.
A lessons learned report is available at www.maced.org

For more information on MACED please visit: www.maced.org