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foundersThe Urban League of Lexington—Fayette County is a nonprofit that was established in 1968.  Their mission is to, “Assist African Americans and disadvantaged citizens in the achievement of social and economic equality. They offer several programs in job training, education, computer skills, housing, community development and advocacy.”

The Urban League has a five-point empowerment strategy that focuses on local needs by following their mission. They focus on education and youth empowerment, economic empowerment, health and quality of life empowerment, civic engagement and leadership empowerment, civil rights and racial justice empowerment. urban

As part of our kNOwMORE nonprofits series about housing and nonprofits we interviewed the individuals involved in this powerful cause. The Urban League of Lexington has been building affordable rental single family homes since 2005. They have also renovated the Russell Elementary School with 27 affordable- one bedroom apartments for seniors 62 and older. Be sure to check out our new episode about housing and nonprofits in the Lexington area!


For more information about the Urban League of Lexington—Fayette County please visit: http://www.ullexfay.org/

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