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What is a Nonprofit? (Pilot)

Steve Austin of the Bluegrass Community Foundation discusses the free wireless cloud internet access project in downtown Lexington and Danielle Clore of the Kentucky Nonprofit Network talks about the importance of nonprofit awareness. On-Location stories include Friend For Life Cancer Support of Louisville, Kentucky, and a very unique theatrical performance. Danielle Clore joins host Brian Simmons in the studio to tell us what a nonprofit is and how awareness of their services is such a critical component to survival. She also discusses the economic impact throughout the state of Kentucky. For more on her organization please visit: https://kynonprofits.org/

Steve Austin from the Bluegrass Community Foundation joins host Brian Simmons in the studio to tell us about Lexington, Kentucky’s new FREE wireless cloud initiative which is providing internet access to underserved populations as well as a variety of previously untapped educational opportunities from job training to commerce. For more information on Steve’s organization please visit: http://bgcf.org/ 

Please Don’t Call Me Homeless … I Don’t Call You Homed’ is a  Play presented by Street Voice Council Players, Catholic Action Center and Actors Guild of Lexington. The play portrays the life of people who do not have homes. The characters wake up early on the streets, guessing what time it is and facing a long day. One man, an alcoholic, talks about gathering enough cans to get money for beer.  Another plans to get food, and another talks about getting a nap at the library. Written by Jeff Gross, a University of Kentucky doctoral candidate, the play is based on interviews with more than two dozen Lexingtonians who have been homeless. “We hope it will be a voice for the homeless people, to show they’re more than just a face you pass by,” says Joe Shuman of the Street Voice Council.

Read more: http://www.kentucky.com/2010/08/19/1398917/actors-live-their-roles-in-please.html#ixzz1c0y1c2Wc

For more information on the Catholic Action Center please visit:http://www.godsnet.info/catholicactioncenter.htm

For more information on the Actor’s Guild of Lexington please visit: http://actors-guild.org/

On-Location Features:

Friend for Life (FFL) is a network of cancer survivors and caregivers who provide compassionate, one-on-one support to others diagnosed with cancer, and to their loved ones.
At your request, Friend for Life will match you with a trained volunteer who has experienced a form of cancer and/or course of treatment similar to yours. To the extent possible, we also match for age and gender.
Friend for Life volunteers do not advise or participate in medical decisions. Rather, we serve as sounding boards to help you sort through the roller-coaster of thoughts and feelings you may be experiencing. Rest assured, you are not alone. Let us be of help and support. Watch segment here.

For more information on Friend For Life please visit: http://friend4life.org/