Nominate a Nonprofit

To NOMINATE a specific nonprofit organization to be featured within one of our television broadcasts, fill out the form below.

Applicant organization must be a registered 501(c)(3) organization. Applicant organization must be located and operating in Kentucky. Agency should be able to help secure a sponsor(s) for their segment.

We are looking to feature nonprofits that show:

  • Innovation – the organization is continually searching for new ways, solutions, and unconventional forms of work; adapting to the changing environment; and suggesting new ways of solving problems.
  • Measurable – a program or method that has had a demonstrated and measurable impact on the organization’s constituency.
  • Perpetuation –a well‐developed plan for continued sustainability of the program or method.

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By submitting this form, I certify that all the information submitted in this nomination is accurate and that the information about our organization and its operation is verifiable. I understand that if it is discovered that any information in this application is false, we will not be eligible for the on-location video production or any feature within the television broadcast or website.

Having trouble with the online form? Download It Here and follow directions for emailing.

If selected as a show finalist please be prepared to provide the following:

  • Copy of IRS Determination Letter
  • Most recent IRS Form 990
  • Most recent annual report (if available)

If selected to be featured on a show:

  • An on-Location video production shoot will be scheduled highlighting the organization which may include interviews, video of your organization/program, pictures, graphics, statistics, events, etc.
  • DVD copy of the full broadcast show as well as an HD digital file of individual agency’s story for promotional use.
  • Distribution on PBS affiliate and/or regional cable (where available), YouTube, Vimeo, DVD and the KMN Website.