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In this segment, we learn about one of Kentucky’s most famous politicians, Henry Clay, as we take a journey to Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate! This property is maintained by the Henry Clay Memorial Foundation, which is a nonprofit that is responsible for preserving Ashland as a national historic landmark. The foundation was founded in 1926.

“I am in one respect better off than Moses. He died in sight of, without reaching, the Promised Land. I occupy as good a farm as any that he would have found, if he had reached it; & it has been acquired not by hereditary descent, but by my own labor.” – Henry Clay.

This estate was a place Henry Clay held very close to his heart and brought him much happiness. On a tour of this landmark you can learn about Henry Clay and his accomplishments as a statesman, attorney, and farmer as well as take in the sights of this beautiful landmark and hopefully experience the same emotions the beauty gave Clay.ASHLAND HENRY CLAY ESTATE - Lexington, KY

At this landmark there are many different exhibits showing what he accomplished in life, and exhibits about his legacy after death including the three US war ships named after him and his estate. The mansion also hosts an exhibit about how the Civil War affected the estate. The largest battle in Lexington was actually fought on the land of the mansion, so there’s quite an interesting narrative to be shared about that during this episode of kNOwMORE!

This episode is sponsored by Ohio County Tourism.ASHLAND HENRY CLAY ESTATE - Lexington, KY

RADIO EYE – Lexington, KY

RADIO EYE - Lexington, KYRADIO EYE – Lexington, KY

In this segment we will learn about Radio Eye in Lexington! Radio Eye is a service that provides the news and other materials to individuals with disabilities.  This nonprofit has volunteers read newspapers, books, and even grocery ads so these people can regain a sense of normalcy and independence in their lives.

First airing in 1990, this organization has seen tremendous growth in many ways including their audience, the articles they read, and even the ways they broadcast their readings! Radio Eye now serves over 50 counties including 5 in Indiana! They also have expanded the ways people are able to listen to the news including the original Sub-carrier authorization frequencies on the radio, on their website, telephone news line, and also on a television broadcast.RADIO EYE - Lexington, KY

This organization is extremely important to so many people who are coping with any number of disabilities that affect their ability to read. This service allows these people to regain some independence and to feel more connected with the community around them. Something as small as knowing what deals there are in the stores can make a huge impact on a person’s life. It’s the little things that make the largest differences. To learn more, visit their site at

This episode of kNOwMORE is sponsored by Kosair Charities!RADIO EYE - Lexington, KY



The children’s playhouse program in Louisville is an organization that helps create a disabled child’s dream playhouse. These aren’t just any regular playhouses though, these playhouses help the children with their mental, physical, and social development therapies! The playhouses help to bring joy into an often very difficult and aggravating life for these children.

Each house is customized to each different child. The family works closely with a design team to make a playhouse that is just what the child wants and is able to be used with their disabilities. This program is important because it allows these children to play just like a child without their disability, and helps them feel included with their peers.CHILDREN'S PLAYHOUSE PROGRAM - Louisville, KY

Each time a playhouse is unveiled, you can see the joy in the child’s eyes when they see it for the first time. This nonprofit serves multiple purposes as well by giving students at YouthBuild Louisville hands on experience with designing and building. Having a playhouse helps ease the stress on the parents by seeing their children have fun. Fun is essential for a child, and this nonprofit provides that despite the challenges created by their disabilities.

This episode is sponsored by Kosair Charities, Building Industry Charitable Foundation, and BIA Louisville.Children's Playhouse Program, Louisville, KYBICF_Logobialvillelogo



BEHRINGER-CRAWFORD MUSEUM - Covington, KY“The regional history of Northern Kentucky as part of the Ohio Valley must be preserved for the benefit of present & future generations. Therefore, the Behringer-Crawford Museum is a center for the collection, presentation, study and enjoyment of our natural, cultural, and visual and performing arts heritage.”

The Behringer-Crawford Museum originally opened in 1950 to teach about the life and experiences of William Behringer. The Museum eventually became known as the Behringer-Crawford Museum after the first curator, Ellis Crawford, sponsored digs that discovered many ancient bones in the local Big Bone Springs. Since then, the museum has grown to include a wide range of exhibits.BEHRINGER-CRAWFORD MUSEUM - Covington, KY

The museum has displays that vary from archaeology to civil war history and everything in-between. The museum offers attractions like “Kentucky”, a retired Northern Kentucky streetcar with many stories to tell, or you can go on an archaeological dig in their “Digging for Answers” exhibit. In the 1990s, the museum added an amphitheater to hold a weekly concert for two months out of the year, and other events for entertainment. Behringer-Crawford also offers a series of rotating exhibits throughout the year, so there is always something new to learn about!

This episode is sponsored by Ohio County Tourism.BEHRINGER-CRAWFORD MUSEUM - Covington, KY



BIRTHPLACE of BILL MONROE - Rosine, KYJerusalem Ridge is the birthplace of Bill Monroe. During his time living in a cabin on this land, Bill created Bluegrass music. His trials and hard work farming and logging helped shape Bill’s youth. Combine his work with his different sensory experiences with nature and that’s what gave him the inspiration to create Bluegrass music.

His parents had both passed by the time he was 16 and he was soon the only brother of eight to stay in Kentucky. During that time Bill did the majority of his musical formation and growth while living with Uncle Pen and his fiddle. Growing up around his great musical influence of an uncle, he soon began forming different bands and found himself playing for large audiences such as the Grand Ole Opry radio show!BIRTHPLACE of BILL MONROE - Rosine, KY

After a long career of touring, Mr. Monroe formed his very own music festival in Indiana. Soon after that he began to win awards such as being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, and a Lifetime Achievement award just to name a few of his achievements over the years. Bill eventually passed due to a stroke in 1996. He was finally laid to rest close to the place he was born.

This episode is sponsored by Ohio County Tourism.

KIDS CENTER – Louisville, KY

KIDS CENTER – Louisville, KY

KIDS CENTER - Louisville, KY

Many children all over the world have disabilities that create difficult challenges in their everyday lives. The Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies attempts to help these children realize and achieve their full potential. The Kids Center was founded in 1958 to provide children with disabilities the assistance they need. The center offers physical, occupational, and speech therapies to help these children.

The disabilities that the center sees vary from a wide range of diagnoses including Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and even stuttering! The way the center tackles these disabilities is through play! Playing is, after all, how a child does a significant portion of their learning. Doing therapy through play helps keep the kids engaged and provides the patients with a childhood necessity… FUN!KIDS CENTER - Louisville, KY

This Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies is always encouraging other people to take a tour of the facilities and let the work show for itself. When you see how the therapists engage the children and the families, it’s clear to see that this nonprofit cares deeply about these kids. The employees will laugh with the patients on their good days, and cry with them on their worst. When you watch these kids in action, it will show you just how important and effective these therapies are. Seeing these kids achieve their full potential and having fun overcoming their challenges is a truly priceless sight. To learn more, visit their site:

KIDS CENTER - Louisville, KY


Opportunity for Work and Learning

History of Organization:OWL Photo 1

At OWL, we are proud to have over 50 years of experience serving the Central Kentucky community by helping individuals overcome significant barriers to employment through our comprehensive programming. We provide everything from Life Skills Coaching to Forklift Certification, and give our clients both necessary technical skills and the soft skills sought by employers in all industries. Many of our clients have moved on and are experiencing successful and fulfilling careers, and we are happy that some are willing to share their personal stories.

Today OWL is spread over four large facilities on Kennedy Road in Lexington, Kentucky with over 81,100 combined sq. ft. of office, manufacturing, and warehouse space. To date, close to 19,000 people throughout Central Kentucky have benefited from OWL’s specialized rehabilitation and employment services. Over 3,000 have obtained and maintained employment.

Over its long and storied history, OWL has attracted some of the greatest potential in Central Kentucky found in the determination and spirit of its consumers. OWL has also engaged some of the best professionals in the field to take on the challenging, but always rewarding, work of vocational rehabilitation and job placement.

OWL expects its next fifty-years, like the first, to facilitate even more working, learning, and – most of all – opportunity.


To create a world without barriers to employment.


OWL partners within communities to educate and equip individuals with barriers to employment to reach their vocational goals.


For more information, please visit their website at:

Featured Sponsors for OWL


The William & Mary Jane Helm Trust

Nominate A Nonprofit

To NOMINATE a specific nonprofit organization to be featured within one of our television broadcasts, fill out the form below.

Applicant organization must be a registered 501(c)(3) organization. Applicant organization must be located and operating in Kentucky. Agency should be able to help secure a sponsor(s) for their segment.

We are looking to feature nonprofits that show:

  • Innovation – the organization is continually searching for new ways, solutions, and unconventional forms of work; adapting to the changing environment; and suggesting new ways of solving problems.
  • Measurable – a program or method that has had a demonstrated and measurable impact on the organization’s constituency.
  • Perpetuation –a well‐developed plan for continued sustainability of the program or method.

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By submitting this form, I certify that all the information submitted in this nomination is accurate and that the information about our organization and its operation is verifiable. I understand that if it is discovered that any information in this application is false, we will not be eligible for the on-location video production or any feature within the television broadcast or website.

Having trouble with the online form? Download It Here and follow directions for emailing.

If selected as a show finalist please be prepared to provide the following:

  • Copy of IRS Determination Letter
  • Most recent IRS Form 990
  • Most recent annual report (if available)

If selected to be featured on a show:

  • An on-Location video production shoot will be scheduled highlighting the organization which may include interviews, video of your organization/program, pictures, graphics, statistics, events, etc.
  • DVD copy of the full broadcast show as well as an HD digital file of individual agency’s story for promotional use.
  • Distribution on PBS affiliate and/or regional cable (where available), YouTube, Vimeo, DVD and the KMN Website.

Educational Television Sponsorship Underwriting

kNOwMORE Nonprofits is an educational television series whose mission is to create awareness and share stories about nonprofit agencies across the state. Our shows may appear on a variety of television stations including including KET, Paducah, Louisville, Bell County & Northern Kentucky . See schedule. All show segments are also available in HD on-line, on-demand 24/7.

To meet the production budget for each of our 30-minute episodes, we rely on full episode and individual segment sponsors.  Though they may choose to do so, featured nonprofit agencies are not required to fund their segment but we so ask that our they help us secure their individual feature video segment sponsor from their donor pool.*

educational television sponsorship underwriting

Educational Television Sponsorship Underwriting benefits of featured kNOwMORE Programming:

  1. Television Underwriting Sponsor branding recognition at the beginning of each kNOwMORE television episode currently airing weekly on KET, Metro Louisville TV, Paducah TV2 and Campbell County CCTV.
  2. Web Exposure: Your linked logo appears prominently on the featured agency page of
  3. Online Broadcast Sponsorship: Your sponsor branding will appear on all on-demand web channels including Vimeo, Youtube and the website in rotation with other sponsors.
  4. Email Newsletter Promotion: Your company name and linked logo, is included in our monthly email newsletter.
  5. Branded Social Media Exposure: Recognitions of your company’s support via our social media channels.
  6. Video Segment: Featured nonprofit segment will be provided in a digital HD format for further promotion.
  7. DVD: Branding/sponsor logo included on DVD for featured episdoe.

*Segment sponsorships less than $500 may not guarantee inclusion on the broadcast programming as we are limited to how many sponsors we are able to show (see item 1). Sponsorships of $100 – $499 will enjoy all other benefits (see items 2, 3, 4, 5)

What we need from our featured nonprofit agencies:

High resolution logos from your sponsors: By the start of post-production (typically just following your video shoot) These may be jpeg, png, psd or AI file formats and should be 1920 x 1080 or 300 dpi if available.

Website URL Link from your sponsors: By the start of post-production. We will link back to your sponsors webpage from our social media, website and newsletter. Just let us know where to point to!

The sooner sponsorships are secured and logo and website url are provided, the sooner we can begin promoting the sponsor’s involvement with the episode and nonprofit agency.

Check for sponsorship: due by the start of production (where possible). This is to cover production costs. For tax deductible sponsorships please make checks payable to Kentucky Philanthropy Initiative c/o kNOwMORE Nonprofits and send to: Prosper Media Group, Attn: kNOwMORE, 348 East Main Street, Lexington, KY 40507

kNOwMORE Nonprofits is a community building project of Prosper Media Group, Inc., a Kentucky registered corporation. Prosper Media Group, Inc has graciously matched 25% of all funds required to cover production costs. As it is not a 501(c)(3) charity, the kNOwMORE Nonprofits project does not collect any funds for production and relies solely on volunteers and college student interns to distribute and promote the featured nonprofit agencies on each episode. Neither Prosper Media Group, Inc nor kNOwMORE Nonprofits are agents, employees or associated with the Kentucky Educational Television (KET) network, organization or its subsidiaries. KET has graciously agree to broadcast and distribute the television programming donated by Prosper Media Group, Inc and kNOwMORE Nonprofits and does not guarantee any broadcast dates nor compensate for any production or content. Kentucky Philanthropy Initiative (“KPI”) is currently serving as the fiscal sponsor for “kNOw MORE Nonprofits”. As such, it operates under the “charitable umbrella” or 501(c)(3) status of KPI.

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kNOwMORE NONPROFITS Educational Television Series Video Newsletter, Lexington, KY
Nominations open NOW through February 2014.

kNOw MORE’s 2014 call for nonprofits: water, history, music, western and eastern Kentucky, and young professional organizations.


ky water nonprofitsWATER: Help us highlight those Kentucky nonprofits whose mission includes celebrating, protecting, or commercializing this important resource.



nonprofit historyHISTORICAL: Kentucky has a rich history, and kNOw MORE is looking for all you nonprofits who work hard to preserve and call attention to that history.



ky nonprofit music

MUSIC: kNOw MORE wants to turn the amps up to eleven on the hard work of those nonprofits whose mission draws on this rich musical heritage.


ky young professionalsYOUNG PROFESSIONALS: kNOw MORE is looking to spotlight nonprofits who are harnessing the creative power of the next crop of Kentucky’s professional class.


THE JACKSON PURCHASE: kNOw MORE is looking to shine a light on those nonprofits who work or are located in this unique region of the state. Part of kNOw MORE’s focus on the regions of Kentucky.

EASTERN KENTUCKY: kNOw MORE is looking to showcase those nonprofits who work or are located in this unique region of the state. Part of kNOw MORE’s focus on the regions of Kentucky.

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