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February 14th, the day most of us typically celebrate with flowers, chocolates, and dinner; all of which remind us of another date night. Then the rest of us try to do something extravagant and memorable, which usually entails stress, time, and money. If either of these were you this past holiday – there’s still time to redeem yourself on your next date. This year we’ve come up with a solution that’s memorable, fun, and best of all, free.
If February really is the month of love, what better way to spend it than spreading it? Not only is this cheap and easy, it’s romantic and unforgettable. By taking the day to volunteer with your loved ones, you can learn more about each other, feel good, meet people, help your community, and celebrate in the most appropriate way.
Here’s how to get started:
Step 1: Find a place or organization in your area where you can give back and help out.
Step 2: Get in contact with them prior to arriving – that way everyone’s on the same page!
Step 3: Take your partner, friends, family – whomever you want (or if you’re alone that’s great too!), and enjoy the goodness of giving.
Switch it up and celebrate February by starting a new tradition. Save the restaurant nights for another month and try our idea, we think you’ll fall in love with it.

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It’s that time of year again, we’re planning for this year’s round of nonprofits to be featured in our 4-Time EMMY nominated series.

Last year we learned a lot covering nonprofits helping with disabilities and preserving history. This year we’re looking at nonprofits working to provide dental health, help veterans and help animals. That’s at least THREE NEW SHOWS for 2017! If you know of an organization in one of these categories, PLEASE NOMINATE THEM! If you work for an organization like this, NOMINATE YOURSELF!

It’s an easy thing to do on our website and only takes a couple of minutes. We’ll get in touch with each agency to discuss the possibility of featuring them on the show which will air many times throughout the state on several stations including KET. What’s even better, featured agencies will receive a copy of their segment to use for promotion, grants, fundraising, etc.

DO YOUR PART- help a nonprofit by letting us know why they should be featured!

Remember, you can watch past episodes of kNOwMORE almost any day of the week, either on KETKY every Tuesday at 1:30pm est or one of our statewide partner stations in your community.



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We have corporate sponsor and underwriting opportunities available. Put your organization’s name on a great cause that is seen state-wide. If your organization has a passion for any of the above topics, or you know of a corporation that supports causes and charities dedicated to these areas of importance, please have them contact us so that we may share these opportunities.

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