RADIO EYE – Lexington, KY

RADIO EYE - Lexington, KYRADIO EYE – Lexington, KY

In this segment we will learn about Radio Eye in Lexington! Radio Eye is a service that provides the news and other materials to individuals with disabilities.  This nonprofit has volunteers read newspapers, books, and even grocery ads so these people can regain a sense of normalcy and independence in their lives.

First airing in 1990, this organization has seen tremendous growth in many ways including their audience, the articles they read, and even the ways they broadcast their readings! Radio Eye now serves over 50 counties including 5 in Indiana! They also have expanded the ways people are able to listen to the news including the original Sub-carrier authorization frequencies on the radio, on their website, telephone news line, and also on a television broadcast.RADIO EYE - Lexington, KY

This organization is extremely important to so many people who are coping with any number of disabilities that affect their ability to read. This service allows these people to regain some independence and to feel more connected with the community around them. Something as small as knowing what deals there are in the stores can make a huge impact on a person’s life. It’s the little things that make the largest differences. To learn more, visit their site at

This episode of kNOwMORE is sponsored by Kosair Charities!RADIO EYE - Lexington, KY