kNOwMORE FUN: Meet Sunflower Kids

Our kNOwMORE FUN cameras visited the Crank & Boom Ice Cream Lounge in July for the 2015 Lexington Calendar Project. The Calendar Project is designed to bring together local young professionals, nonprofits, and businesses for networking in the area. The idea of each Calendar Project event is to shed light on different nonprofits in Kentucky.
This July they featured the nonprofit organization, Sunflower Kids.

Sunflower Kids works, “To promote healthy family relationships through the provision of supervised visitation and monitored exchange services.” They focus on families that have experienced domestic violence or court ordered families where the parent can’t be alone with the child. All the visits take place at their offices located in Lexington and in Scott County. They serve families from all over Kentucky as well as serving families from eight different states! On average they assist about 140 families a year. The Sunflower Kids organization is trying to spread awareness about their services so that can help even more families in the future.

 For more information please visit: www.sunflowerkids.org/


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2015 Kentucky Philanthropy Summit

April 2015

The 7th Annual Kentucky Philanthropy Initiative (KPI) Summit was held in September at the Marriott hotel in Lexington. Judith Clabes, a retired corporate foundation executive founded KPI in 2008 with a mission to, “Promote and support philanthropy in Kentucky.” Their focus is on the Commonwealth’s challenges such as Early Childhood Education and Child Health and Welfare. This year, kNOwMORE stopped in to learn about all the amazing nonprofits in the area and the challenges they face. Executive Producer, Kyle Lake, got to interview some wonderful people such as Michele Ripley from KET, Randy Coe from Kosair Charities, Christy Lee Brown, philanthropist, and Tim Hanner from NaviGoPrep.

Stay tuned and for more information please visit: http://www.kyphilanthropy.com/ .

Full TV schedule for our series is available here: https://kynonprofitvideos.com/tv-schedule/ 


LinkedIn is a great networking site that helps connect professionals and organizations both profitable and nonprofit. There are 5 LinkedIn accounts that every nonprofit check out for advice, tips, networking, and funding strategies. These 5 accounts are Mojalink Nonprofit Network, Social Media for Nonprofit Organizations, Non-profit Marketing, and Nonprofit Professionals Forum.

For more information about these specific accounts please read this article.

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