Can you name 3 nonprofits working with music?

The new series on nonprofits and music premiers on Monday, March 2nd at 9 am on KETKY. Our eleventh episode, “What Would Life Be Like Without Music?” features Give Into the Groove, a community event highlighting interactive art and music to help support local charities. Other “musical” charities featured are March Madness Marching Band and Central Kentucky Youth Orchestra’s Music Works.March Madness Marching Band has created a way to pull the community together in a fun way through music. Central Kentucky Youth Orchestra’s Music Works brings musical education to some young inner-city students, for an artistic afterschool alternative. This episode hosted by Brian Simmons, will outline what it would be like without these programs that bring communities of young and old together through music.

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savs fundraiser videoSav’s Grill has been a Lexington favorite since it opened its doors in 2008. Owner, Mamadou “Sav” Savané, grew up in Guinea, West Africa and eventually moved to Lexington with his wife, bringing the good food with him! Unfortunately on June 3rd 2014, Sav was pulling a large pot of peanut chicken stew from the stove when it slipped from his hands, the boiling stew spilling all over him. The second-degree burns over half his body sent him straight to the intensive-care unit at the University of Kentucky’s Chandler Hospital.

Fortunately for their business, Sav had just weeks before, given up the secrets to his recipes to his son and taught him how to cook them. If it weren’t for that, the business would have been closed.Sav was so loved in the community that everyone offered to help.

The love didn’t stop there… Lexingtonians, people from around Kentucky, and even in different countries stepped up and supported Sav by raising over $50,000 in only 36 hours. With the Feast of Love Campaign at a total of $67,437, the Musical Feast of Love 4 Sav- ferabe edition raised another chunk of change bringing the grand total to close to $80,000 according to their Facebook page. Sav has since returned to work and recovered, but is forever grateful.

A story like this shows how much communities can show support and help those in need, just like nonprofits do. WATCH!