We are currently filming our latest episode about nonprofits who work with water in Kentucky, and what life would be like with this all too often under-appreciated resource. This is one of several new shows being produced this year, which will premiere this fall.

We’ll feature stories on River Sweep, Bluegrass Greensource, River Discovery Center and The Kentucky Riverkeeper.

We will have traveled from Rabitt Hash to Ft. Boonesboro to Paducah to take an indepth look at Kentucky’s waterways and how they are used for sustenance, commerce and recreation.

So, can you name 5 nonprofits working with water?


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DON’T MISS: RIVERBLAST 2014- Sat. Aug 16th

vote for a water nonprofit kNOwMORE will be at Fort Boonesborough State Park on Saturday August 16 encouraging Kentucky river awareness producing a story on the 2014 River Blast.
This will be the first of what hopes to be a successful annual event located at different river cities throughout the state.
The event will start with paddle races on the river, including a 21 mi race for serious competitors along with another 6 mi race for novices and people just wanting to participate, ending with a bonfire on the river and fireworks.
Entertainment will be provided for the whole family, including water & educational exhibits as well as arts and crafts. Local food trucks, vendors, and restaurants will provide food, offering a “taste of the river” themed menu.
River Blast is an event organized by Bluegrass Tomorrow in partnership with Kentucky American Water, the Kentucky River Water Trail Alliance among other sponsors and partners. More information along with registration forms, waivers, and how you can become a sponsor can be found HERE.


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diss qr tagPlease Help Us Continue Educating our Communities in 2014.

We have corporate sponsor and underwriting opportunities available. Put your organization’s name on a great cause that is seen state-wide. If your organization has a passion for any of the above topics, or you know of a corporation that supports causes and charities dedicated to these areas of importance, please have them contact us so that we may share these opportunities.

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