kNOw MORE’s 2014 call for nonprofits: water, history, music, western and eastern Kentucky, and young professional organizations. Nominations open NOW through February 2014. CLICK HERE TO NOMINATE AN AGENCY WORKING IN ONE OF THE AREAS BELOW.

WATER: Depending on how one measures, Kentucky is home to between 20,000 and 90,000 miles of waterways, making it one of the most water-infused states in the continental US. Help us highlight those Kentucky nonprofits whose mission includes celebrating, protecting, or commercializing this important resource.

HISTORICAL: Hunting and trading grounds for Wyandotte, Shawnee, Cherokee, and other Indian tribes. The first truly American frontier. A pro-union and slave-owning state in the Civil War. The childhood home of presidents, vice-presidents, writers, sports figures, and more. Kentucky has a rich history, and kNOw MORE is looking for all you nonprofits who work hard to preserve and call attention to that history.

MUSIC: Kentucky is known as the home of bluegrass music, but why stop there? From jazz and country, to rock, hip hop, folk, and opera, a wealth of musical forms emanate from the Commonwealth. kNOw MORE wants to turn the amps up to eleven on the hard work of those nonprofits whose mission draws on this rich musical heritage.

regionsnamesTHE JACKSON PURCHASE: Named for an 1818 treaty negotiated by Andrew Jackson with the Chickasaw nation, the Jackson Purchase comprises the most western portion of the state on lands bordered by the Mississippi, Tennessee, and Ohio Rivers. kNOw MORE is looking to shine a light on those nonprofits who work or are located in this unique region of the state. Part of kNOw MORE’s focus on the regions of Kentucky.

EASTERN KENTUCKY:  Home to the state’s largest mountain (Black Mountain), headwaters of the Kentucky and Cumberland Rivers, birthplace of the Kentucky mining industry, the Eastern Kentucky Coalfields stretch from the Appalachian Mountains westward across the eastern portion of the state. kNOw MORE is looking to showcase those nonprofits who work or are located in this unique region of the state.  Part of kNOw MORE’s focus on the regions of Kentucky.

YOUNG PROFESSIONALS: Did you know that Kentucky breeds young professionals as well as it does Thoroughbreds? Wonder no more. kNOw MORE is looking to spotlight nonprofits who harness the creative power of the next crop of Kentucky’s professional class.