622123_484757461554586_225663587_oMission, History of Organization:
Kentucky Pink Connection
aims to provide support by reducing and/or eliminating barriers to screening, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

Problem being Addressed:
The Kentucky Pink Connection program serves breast cancer patients on a personal basis by reducing and/or eliminating barriers to screening, diagnosis, and treatment.  This common-sense approach that was launched by Dr. Harold P. Freeman, a cancer surgeon in the Harlem community for over 40 years has had the remarkable effect of increasing retention, diagnostic and treatment resolution rates.305269_463594443670888_1104676649_n Typical barriers the patient navigatora might address include: child care needs, transportation issues, lack of financial resources, insurance difficulties, wigs and mastectomy supplies. The Kentucky Pink Connection strives to educate women about the importance of having their mammograms. They can link women without insurance to resources that provide low-cost mammograms.


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