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Sweet Blessings has a group of volunteers to make unforgettable birthday cakes for 5 to 14 year olds who live in poverty or are experiencing life threatening illness. The organization  creates about 25 cakes on average per week. The cakes are delivered to the child through a social worker or carer, where they celebrate with a group of friends. Sweet Blessings began 2 years ago and is currently expanding into a third location in Kentucky. The organization recently celebrated their anniversary with a bake-a-thon. Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 8.40.11 PM

People who had never decorated cakes before came and helped to create the 50 cakes that were scheduled to be made. Without Sweet Blessings, there would not be a place for people to come and be involved with an organization that blends food and creativity with a social cause. Also, the children for who the cakes are made, may not receive as much notice on their birthday without a special surprise like a custom cake.

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