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As an intern for kNOwMORE Nonprofits, I thought it would be GREAT to become a community volunteer. With the holidays near, there’s no better way to celebrate than food and cheer. Which is exactly what was accomplished at Lexington Rescue Mission this past Wednesday as I helped serve meals with fellow University of Kentucky students. Lexington Rescue Mission provides food and clothing as well as financial, and career services. They also help people with utility assistance, bus passes, job training, and transitioning from halfway houses.

I helped serve an array of foods for lunch including chicken noodle soup, green beans, fresh salad, and bread with a delicious slice of chocolate, vanilla, or red velvet cake. After lunch was served, everyone was allowed to pick up a free bag of bread and home grown sweet potatoes, the largest I have ever seen!

One of the most important things I noticed while volunteering at Lexington Rescue Mission, was the welcoming spirit and family vibe. Each worker and volunteer gladly welcomed me with open arms. As I was serving meals, I watched as Donna Junker, a Lexington Rescue Mission worker, interact with members of the community. They were reading, laughing, sharing opinions, and truly enjoying each other’s company. “People know that they have a place where other people care about them.” say Junker. I spoke with Charlie Brooker, a visually impaired regular at Lexington Rescue Mission, he mentioned that all he does every day is “Eat and bug Donna!” He definitely kept us laughing throughout my entire visit.
To anyone looking for a warming and welcoming Nonprofit for the holidays, Lexington Rescue Mission should definitely be at the top of your VOLUNTEER LIST!

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